Wholesale diamonds with certificates – European regulated Antwerp based diamond trader

Diberget Diamonds - Wholesale diamonds with certificates – European wholesale company registered by Belgian regulator for diamond trading.

Whether it’s a single piece or special multiple diamond orders, customers can order through our website then pay via wire transfer (Euro only).

Moreover all hands-picked stones come accompanied by internationally recognized gemstone lab certificate for authenticity (GIA, IGI or HRD) confirmation unless it has already been declared bargain condition meaning no certificates are included under certain circumstances but still 100% guarantee provided on return policy despite this reasonable exception added into account while offering such low rate costs during these tough times around most parts of world especially within regions close proximity located within western continent near borderless union like set forth in Euros lands known commonly colloquially as part referring Euro Zone.


White round diamond wholesalers – EU markets

Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy white round diamond wholesaler in the European Union (EU market? There is no need to look any further! Diberget diamond trading wholesale service will provide you with experienced, knowledgeable, and certified professionals who are able to offer trusted services that comply with all regulations. With access to thousands of diamonds, our team can help find the perfect stone for every budget. 

Diamond wholesale services - EU countries 

Diberget Diamond Wholesale Services specializes in providing its customers with exceptional quality stones at competitive prices for retail or commercial purposes throughout the European Union countries.

Our goal is to provide extraordinary customer satisfaction by continually delivering high-quality diamonds at competitive rates We make sure that each diamond meets our strict standards while keeping them as affordable as possible so that we meet your price point without compromise on quality assurance and product specifications.